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Distinction between Naftsu Mineral water and other treatment methods

The beneficial properties of NaftSu have been known to people for a long time. It is saturated with a large amount of petroliferous organic substances. The water has a rather strong smell and unusual taste.

The springs of Shabran have a low mineralization level. The amount of organic elements reaches up to 25 mg/l.

NaftSu water tastes like oil. That's why it has such a name.

This unique slightly mineralized water contains bicarbonates, sulfates, magnesium and calcium compounds. The taste is caused by organic substances of petroleum origin. This water has very good laxative and diuretic properties.

It is usually compared to the Naftusya water of the Ukrainian Truskavets sanatorium. But the content of organic elements in Naftusya has decreased as a result of constant use. Meanwhile, the water resources of Galaalti are much richer in organic substances.

NaftSu strengthens the immune system and body functions. It promotes body rejuvenation in general.