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Osteochondritis- intervertebral calcification is a very common vertebral column disease. The disease is caused by a sedentary and stressful lifestyle, metabolic disorder, heavy work. If not taken care of in time, it can lead to protrusion and tearing of the discs. The main complaint is a pain in various sections of the spine.

Advantages of treatment of “Osteochondritis” in Galaalti.

Galaalti mineral water prescribed in Galaalti sanatorium is rich in minerals, so it provides the body with elements, such as Ca, Mg, Zn, Na, and so on. This strengthens bones and cartilage. Physiotherapeutic procedures performed in cases of protrusion, hernias and having a positive effect, Mio and neurostimulation, paraffin, ozocerite applications both cause rapid relief of pain and relaxation of muscles and nerves.