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Arthrosis – is calcification of the joints, abrasion, and destruction of cartilage tissue as a result of degeneration. It is characterized mainly by symptoms, such as pain, blockages in the joints, noise in the joints, a decrease in movements. The pain occurs mostly as the result of movement and passes with rest. However, in some cases, blockage occurs after prolonged inactivity, lasting more than half an hour. The main causes are metabolic disorders, trauma, endocrine, and inflammatory diseases.

Advantages of treatment of “Arthrosis” in Galaalti.

Different types of arthritis are treated with positive results in Galaalti sanatorium. We have different types of procedures suitable for both large and small joints. In addition, paraffin and ozocerite applications improve symptoms such as restriction of movement and pain in the joints from the first session. Galaalti mineral water prescribed in Galaalti sanatorium is rich in minerals and provides the body with elements such as Ca, Mg, Zn, Na, etc. It also strengthens bones and cartilage.